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Worth the Splurge


By now, you all know that saving money is a passion of mine. In my Who I Am section, I mention that bargains are everywhere -you just have to be willing to put in a little effort to find them.

BUT, there are some things in life that can’t be bought for nearly free with a coupon.

There are some things that are justifiable to spend a chunk of your hard earned pennies on.

Some things are worth saving for, whether it is for weeks, months or even years.

Just because it’s an event that will soon be merely a collection of mental snapshots doesn’t mean it’s better to settle with the most inexpensive option. And just because it’s a material object that may one day break, die, get lost, or simply not work, doesn’t mean it’s worth purchasing the cheapest model.

Truly, some things in life are worth the splurge.

I’ve divided my lists into events and material objects.


1) Concerts

Since most everyone loves music and has favorite artists, spending money on a concert ticket is a totally worthwhile expense.

Concerts are once-in-a-lifetime events, and to be able to say you’ve been in the same room (or area) with your favorite artist is just so thrilling. For every concert I’ve ever attended, I leave feeling energized, refreshed and definitely more happy!

It’s a completely different experience to listen to songs on the radio vs. hearing them sung live, and I think occasionally splurging is worth it.

2) Vacations

For me, the highlight of every summer is camping, specifically in the Adirondacks. Once again, every vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience during which new memories are created.

I always come home from vacations with a journal filled with details about the trip that, at the time, seem insignificant. Yet when months later my family and I re-read what I’ve written, I always hear a “I totally forgot that happened!” or a series of giggles before a story has even been re-told.

Vacations are also totally worth the splurge because you have time to rest, do the things you love and not worry about time or a schedule.

Material objects:

1) Computer

If you have a genuine need for a computer, and you know you will use it for a variety of tasks on a daily basis, don’t settle.

Do all of the research you possibly can before making your big purchase. If possible, test out all the potential choices in person. Make a chart comparing all of your front-runners. Save up for the best quality computer you can afford. And then, make your purchase.

A computer is not a new $30 hair dryer to replace the one that just failed you after a year. You’re going to use this device every single day, for a majority of the day, so it better last for a good number of years.

You’re going to essentially begin infusing bit by bit of your life onto this device, so it better have a trustworthy power source, an abundance of memory, and security to protect all of your information.

It’s something that you can use in so many ways (that I won’t even begin to list), so if you’re going to purchase a computer anyways, wouldn’t you want something with as many programs, applications and customization options as possible?

You may think I’m a bit dramatic to talk about a conglomeration of metal, plastic and who knows what other materials in such a way. But, to me, a computer is crucial, significant and necessary.

And that’s why it’s worth the splurge.

2) Cell phone

This one also depends on your phone service provider, but once you’ve made that important decision, picking a phone becomes the next priority.

Your phone is (most likely) a primary communication device. For many people, it’s the most used and reliable way to converse with others, especially those far away. It’s also a tool. It could save your life in an emergency, and it could prevent an emergency as well.

So, once again, pay for the best model of a cell phone you can afford. Just like a computer, this is a device you will use every day. You want reliability, but you also want functionality and customization.

Ensure that you can picture yourself using this phone a month from now. Then a year from now. Use that thoroughly researched computer of yours to research possible phones. Test out the options in person (once again, if possible) and make sure the phone you pick will fit in with your lifestyle.

Just because there’s a super-inexpensive Black Friday deal on a lower end phone doesn’t mean you should purchase it. Ask yourself this very important question first:

Am I buying this simply because it’s on sale, and would I purchase it if it were full price?

If the answer to the first part is yes, then I say hold off. Think it through. If you were already intending on purchasing the phone and it happened to go on sale, then go for it.

If you can answer yes to the second portion of the question, then buy the phone.

To me, the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a cell phone is to make sure that you will use it, enjoy it and not become bored with it (something I’ve struggled with). Buying a less frilly phone just because it’s cheap is something you will probably regret a couple of months later when you realize the phone has limitedĀ capabilities, customization and is not gelling with your lifestyle.

These are my splurge-worthy items. What are yours?

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Author: The Two Cent Chick (Justine)

A bargain-hunting, sarcasm-wielding, country music-listenin', polka dot-obsessed bubble tea-drinkin' girl, here to help you both save money and enjoy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Worth the Splurge

  1. My splurge worthy items are eye creams and hand creams. Everything else as long as it is of reasonable quality can be cheap/budget/bargain. <3 MaSucree

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