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Review in Progress: EU Natural Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth (+ Coupon Code)


(Note: My final review is posted here!)
Longer, thicker, more vibrant hair.

Many a girl’s eternal quest, it seems. Including my own.

And on this quest, I’m thrilled to have received the chance to test the EU Natural Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth!

EU Vitamins Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth

These Vibrance Vitamins are

“a safe, natural solution for richer, fuller locks. The formula is packed with nutritious vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts which support healthy hair growth. Unlike a lot of salon products which dry out your hair with artificial ingredients and toxins, Vibrance is purely formulated.”

EU Natural Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth 2

I was immediately intrigued when I spied the opportunity to try these vitamins through BrandBacker. EU Natural also impressed me, especially their blog! The provide “unbeatable value with premium beauty and hair supplements, vitamins, and herbal solutions. Products are made in the USA following strict cGMP standards.”

So here’s my quick hair story: The Two Cent Chick Hair Journey

  • Been growing hair out for past 2 years (and still growing out)
  • Began adding highlights last April 
  • Used to curl hair nearly every other day, new goal for 2014 is to embrace my naturally curly/wavy hair

My experience so far with EU Natural Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth:

For the past two weeks, I’ve been taking 2 vitamins each day.

EU Natural Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth 2 Directions

My hair is:

  • Slightly more shiny

In two weeks’ time, that’s about all I’ve noticed. However, I will continue taking the vitamins and report on overall experience.

These vitamins retail for $39.95 for 60 capsules aka a 1-month supply (free shipping with Amazon). The bargainer in my head is screaming, “WHAT?! $40 for vitamins? For my hair?!” but the girly girl with dreams of Beyonce-esque locks is sayin’, “Girl…life’s too short for dull hair! Go for it!”

So if you too experienced a similar struggle in your head upon seeing the price of these hair vitamins, maybe this will help:

Just for being a fabulous reader of The Two Cent Chick, here’s a coupon code!

Reader Discount: 15% Off
Reader Discount Code: EUN15OFF

Are you intrigued by these Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth? Have you tried similar vitamins before? I’d love to hear your experience!


Disclaimer: This review is powered by Brand Backer. A sample was given by Vibrance Vitamins in exchange for this review. However, the opinions expressed are those of my own based on my experience with the product.

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7 thoughts on “Review in Progress: EU Natural Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth (+ Coupon Code)

  1. I think I might have to try these. I’m trying to get my hair to grow as long as possible. I’m trying to go for that clip in extension look with out really having any lol :)


    • They have good reviews on Amazon!! I figure they can’t hurt, right? Good luck and definitely use the coupon code!! Let me know if you do purchase!

  2. I just got my bottle today! I am willing to try anything at this point. My hair has been falling out a lot lately and need to try something, anything to get my hair back. I was taking Biotin and a regular supplement, but I think I need more help. I read all the reviews and I hope this does something to at least help new hair growth. Please add more updates. Thanks!

  3. Pingback: Final Thoughts: EU Natural Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth | The Two Cent Chick

  4. I have been talking vibrance hair supplements +Biotin from Eu Natural for almost 2 months now. My hair is thicker and 2 inches taller!
    This is a great dietary supplement for healthy hair :-)

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