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Must-Have Bargain App: Cartwheel (Target)

Target Cartwheel App
Raise your hand if you need another reason to love Target.

Nobody? Didn’t think so.

Well, luckily, there indeed is one more reason to choose Target for all of your essential (and let’s face it, extraneous) shopping needs: the free Cartwheel app.

Cartwheel is available for both iPhone and Android, and for now, a Facebook account is required to sign up. Don’t worry – you can control what information the app can or can’t share with friends in your Facebook app settings.

Cartwheel menu

Cartwheel menu

The app offers discounts on both Target brand (Up & Up) products and other name brand products, especially those that don’t usually have coupons/discounts. Typically, you’ll receive 5% off items like cotton swabs, clothing, groceries, etc, but I’ve seen items such as toothpaste for 10% and 20% off. Note: there are expiration dates for these coupons.

You simply select the coupons you want and they are placed in “my Cartwheel.” This will generate one bar code for all of the coupons you selected, so at checkout, the cashier only has to scan once on your phone.

Coupons in my Cartwheel

Coupons in my Cartwheel

This weekend, I saved 39 cents on cotton swabs, cotton balls, cotton pads and nail polish remover! That may not seem like huge savings, but over time, a few cents here and there adds up.

Cotton products Cartwheel app

Verdict: If you’re a frequent Target shopper, you need the Cartwheel app!

Tried out Cartwheel yet? What was your experience?



How to Save at: Target!

If ever there was a heaven on earth, Target would come pretty close to it.

I mean, what is it about Target?

The bold red hue immediately draws you in, as does the blatant target symbol associated with the store, which essentially tells you: “Look no further. See the target on our storefront? We’ve made it easy for you-Just point your legs and wallet in that direction, and you’re golden.”

This store has pretty much everything you need, and then some. It’s the ‘then some’ that really keeps me coming back for more.

Shopping for groceries? You’re probably not going to leave until you’ve checked out the multitude of clearance end-caps sprinkled throughout the entire store! Looking for some new cookware for the kitchen? Hate to break it to you, but those pots won’t be seeing the inside of your cupboards until you try on at least six dresses and some half-price boots.

It’s my version of a classier Walmart. Although, in essence, both stores are somewhat similar in merchandise selection, there’s just something about Target. I always walk into that store feeling on top of the world, and usually leave with a pretty similar feeling.

That amazing, blissful feeling is mainly due to how effortless it is to save money at Target, and I’m going to share how I do just that.

1) Coupon stacking + you=BFF’s

Everybody knows that coupons help save money (especially when you’re using them towards something you needed to buy in the first place). But at Target, you can use both manufacturer’s coupons (such as those from the Sunday newspaper) IN ADDITION to Target coupons (that come directly from the Target website).

Click here to view Target’s current coupons!

For example, there is currently a Target coupon for $2 off any Maybelline mascara. Recently, there have been $1 manufacturer’s coupons for Maybelline mascara. You know what that means? You just shaved $3 off already reasonably priced mascara!

And I know what you’re thinking-I’m too lazy/busy/apathetic to figure out all these coupon match-ups myself! And to that I say-fear not.

First, visit, specifically the Cheap Finds section. This lists various items at Target for which there are Target, manufacturer, online and other types of coupons, which can be combined. And yes, this page is frequently updated.

Another option is to visit the Target section of (read about my love for Hip2Save here). Collin provides weekly Target deals, daily deals, and more!

So you see, stacking coupons isn’t so painful!

2) Clearance end-caps

If you’ve ever walked aimlessly around the aisles of any Target (and admit it, you have), you know that there are always clearance in most every section of the store, usually located on the end-caps of aisles. These are clearly awesome for finding great deals-but the secret is to wait until the item you desire reaches a final, low clearance price. Unfortunately, you cannot do a price adjustment if you previously purchased a clearance item and it now has a lower price.

But you just need your intuition to know whether or not an item has reached a final clearance price, or whether it’s still headed towards a bargainer euphoria price.

Example: After Christmas clearance is inevitable, but items only go 50% off during the first week after the holiday. Then 75% off. Then sometimes, 90% off. You have to be willing to wait for your item to continue to drop in price. But, that runs the risk of the item selling out, so you may want to snatch it while it’s still available. It’s your choice, but either way, an item on clearance makes for a happier wallet.


These are my two main strategies for saving money at Target. Do you have any other tips? Leave them below!


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